Thursday, 22 October 2015

Iconic elements return in modern Classic Swiss Replica watches

THERE will always be a market for expensive timepieces that celebrate movement and the fine art of replica watches making.

Luxury Swiss replica watches maker Vacheron Constantin marks its 260th anniversary with the Harmony collection—seven special-edition replica watches inspired by a number of classic and iconic features of its older models, including the brand’s first chronograph wristwatch introduced in 1928.

The collection consists of Harmony Chronographe, Chronographe Tourbillon, Dual Time Caliber 2460T, Grande Complication Ultra-Plat and petite versions of Chronographe and Dual Time for women.

Dual Time’s masculine versions have cushion-shaped cases in 18K white gold and pink gold, while the feminine version, also in 18K white gold, is daintier and features a diamond-studded bezel.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Omega replica PLUMA light feather watches new appearance

On 6 February 2015, Shanghai - Omega replica watches Constellation watch series since its inception in 1952 that noble elegant, subtle euphemism design and famous. This series of perfect fusion machinery industry leading technology and exquisite design style, unique. Today, Omega replica Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches to Woon attitude presented in Omega replica Swatch Art Peace Hotel flagship store, will watch the stars in the sky in the classic legend continue.

In astronomy, constellation (constellation) refers to a stellar populations, the stars in the night sky in constant operation, trajectory can be measured. For a time the family has a stable performance watch, no name than "constellation" is more appropriate. Omega replica first launched constellation watch series, "constellation" this a term and attain to peak luxury precision watch craft level closely linked. Has been, highlighting the extreme fashion style watchcase and dial and extraordinary precise movement, is the important connotation of the Omega replica Constellation watches.

Last year, Omega replica watches was solemnly launched constellation Pluma light feather watches, watch the name comes from the Latin "feather", cleverly explains the watch unique exquisite design: dial up to elements in the feather. This year, the introduction of Omega replica Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches, gentle curve from the table circle iconic drag claw "stretch out, spread to the entire dial. This 27 mm watch with 11 embedded in 18k Gold arch brackets on the diamond hour markers; polishing arched central hour, minute and second hands are 18K gold to create, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, can ensure that in any light can be clearly read.

The ladies watch 18K red gold bezel set with 32 bright diamonds, making the watch more colorful. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet with 18K gold chain, chain link between needle connected. Through the arch type abrasion resistant transparent surface, the Omega replica 8520 is located in the heart of the coaxial movement watch clearly visible. With the outstanding performance of mechanism, accurate and reliable, so Omega replica watches provide up to 4 years after sale service guarantee.

Omega replica Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches debut in Shanghai, namely lightly descend on the historical architectural treasures of the Omega replica Swatch Art Peace Hotel flagship store. The flagship store area of 94 square meters, use all Omega replica Flagship Shop a total of design elements, at the same time, the existing internal architectural style and the original art deco elements intact, making the flagship store different, unique style.

For Baohu Wenwu consideration, the complete structure of the building without any change of. Shop gorgeous magnificent art deco style ceilings and compelling column block to gold, exquisite, not by remember Shanghai initially have the reputation of "the Pearl of the Orient" the passage of time. Flagship store display and global brand flagship store concept is exactly the same, shop facilities with the latest brand design style is consistent, filling the Omega replica dedication for details. Store in a brand new customer service center, can provide global unified quality after-sales service and more perfect shopping experience for customers. Shops in the VIP service area not only for the guests provide comfortable rest space, it also brings a more noble professional guidance and buy to enjoy replica watches UK.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Rolex replica Happy Socks signed a new limited edition watches

Good at spreading joy, joy and creative vitality of Swedish socks expert happy socks continued to launch many colorful charming socks product, autumn / winter 2013 expand joint territory, straddling the Swiss International Watch Brand Rolex replica hand in hand to create a global limit is 15 only happy socks x Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch. Happy socks always adhere to the dazzling colors and color design bring joy spirit of the brand is in this cooperation enjoy Huisa, more let every minute, every second Dudu is full of attractive colors of the exclusive happy socks.

The joint section of the table will be happy socks eye-catching bold riotous color, into the watch design time, the oyster perpetual Milgauss oyster style timeless classic watch full of lively and playful happy new style, clever to more taste and texture of the way to convey the unique joy philosophy, shine in every corner.

Happy socks Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Milgauss joint replica watches comprehensive detonated happy rendering. Also this series of special goods into the exclusive happy socks brand DNA. Let the total in pants shining fashion secrets made no effort to hide in the wrist, proud to declare top taste philosophy.

The legend of Rolex replica watches events 50 years now Xiangjiang

Birth in 1963 the Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch has experienced legendary journey more than 50 years, by virtue of reliable outstanding performance and become highly popular chronograph watch the racing field. To celebrate the classic watch series the advent of the 50th anniversary, from May 30 to June 12, Rolex replica will in Tsim Sha Tsui Guanya watch City Rolex replica franchised store grand presenting "from the Daytona to Cosmograph Daytona love speed" exhibition, showing the Cosmograph Daytona watch exquisite craft and charismatic, and the racing world lay the brilliant achievements.

Public not only able to thoroughly explore Cosmograph Daytona watch was born in the 50 years since the Legendary Journeys, opportunity is more close to appreciate the variety of selection of watches. For a period of two weeks of the exhibition will lead all the visitors through the tunnel of time and space, will focus on carrying 50 years oyster perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch, by the precious historical data and items on display, display the Rolex replica Daytona events and watch the wonderful legend, lead the public experience racing field of memorable moments.

The development of the legendary Watch

Called the perfect Rolex replica watches Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch, regardless of the shape and function were to win an unprecedented success and reputation in the global and in many ways won the ultimate transcendental Chronograph praise. In 1963, Rolex replica launched a new generation of Cosmograph chronograph watch racer. This achieved by Rolex replica name and its innovative styles, fast even if this new table stand out. In 1965, Cosmograph watch further evolution, with screwing type Chronograph buttons replaced the original pump pressure button. Rotary button for oyster shell concept can make the finishing point, let the button pressed against accidental. To highlight the strengthening waterproof performance, and therefore more engraved on the surface before the "Cosmograph" in the word "Oyster". Tachometer outer printed black Plexiglas resin coated glass, and white scale to make reading more clear, become watch another new feature. With a lot of new surface have been launched, the previous series of more abundant. Which a called (Paul Newman) surface is more famous, because the sportsman symbol of well-known American movie star and a race car driver, often wearing this surface of the Daytona watch. The surface of his favorite to the wearer in difficult environment clear reading car.

In 1988 with the introduction of 4030 type movement, in addition to other functions, are also equipped with a Rolex replica "heart" of - with variable inertia balance balance wheel, fine tuning screw and Breguet hairspring balance wheel, and have the brand in 1931 invention of perpetual pendulum Tuo automatic chain assembly. Watch the improvement is not confined to the technical level, this 1988 redesigned version Cosmograph Daytona watch laid today noble and elegant style; Rolex replica in 2000 launched a re interpretation of the Cosmograph Daytona watch. It not only inherits the upsurge of history's first Cosmograph watch, lead chronograph watch the future fashion. In 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the advent of the Cosmograph Daytona watch design, the professional series in the first platinum oyster wrist watch, especially the supreme of blue ice surface match rare metal, 950 platinum. The surface color design only Rolex replica platinum watch alone there. Watch equipped with Cerachrom word ring for the Rolex replica exclusive innovation, durable and exquisite beyond compare.

The unique track of history

Rolex replica this classic series wrist replica watches named from Florida, the United States take the city (Daytona), di through take the city with famous straight Changsha beach, since 1903 has become to create the legend of the land speed record. The first Daytona continental) in 1962 held, only a year later, Rolex replica Cosmograph Daytona watch immediately launched, events and wrist watch emerged almost at the same time, and the fate of the two also henceforth inseparable. In 1992, the Rolex replica title sponsorship (24 hours of Daytona), officially established their long relationship, and the event has since changed its name to "Rolex replica Daytona 24 hour endurance race". The American history most glorious, most enjoyed prestigious tournament international racing quarter for kicks, and referred to as the "Rolex replica". In 2012, the legendary event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the memorial, and after a year of 2013 is cosmograph Daytona watch the 50th anniversary.